Environmental Engineering

Environmental EngineeringWe are committed to the concepts of stewardship and recognize our part as environmental engineers in helping our environment. Our highly skilled staff are experts in analyzing regulations and designing systems which will help protect our environment. We know that no two systems are the same and design each project to meet our clients’ needs. We conduct feasibility studies, provide environmental compliance planning, design systems to ensure compliance and assist with regulatory approvals and permitting as well as provide construction observation services to municipal and private clients alike.

Municipal Engineering

Our municipal clients face challenges in environmental issues. They must balance the environmental impact of their actions with the budgetary constraints of their municipality. We provide expert consulting services to our clients and implement solutions to meet the clients needs while ensuring the environmental impact is below any regulatory level.

We typically provide design, construction, plan review and permit applications for:

  • Water and sewer authorities
  • Water treatment plant design and operation
  • Surface water influence studies
  • Sewage treatment plant design and operation
  • Sewage enforcement officers
  • Manhole inspection
  • PA DEP Reimbursement applications for Act 537 pans
  • Water/wastewater rate studies
  • Funding applications; Penn Vest
  • Water distribution systems
  • Wellhead protection
  • Sewage collection systems
  • Environmental studies
  • Inflow and filtration studies
  • Act 537 Official sewage plans
  • Act 203 Tap-In analysis
  • Chapter 94 Wasteload Management reports
  • Rate studies


Private Sector Engineering

Land development requires careful environmental consideration, planning and design to ensure that ecosystems are maintained and regulations are maintained.   RKR has spent decades honing and imparting its knowledge in this arena to our clients.  We deal with commercial, recreational and residential land developers, resorts, community association, corporations and individual land owners to meet their needs and ensure compliance with the law.

We have provided feasibility studies, planning, design, construction observation, permit applications and assistance such as the following:

  • Sewage planning modules
  • Soil probe analysis
  • Detailed hyrdrogeorlogic swear
  • Sanitary surveys, sewage odor investigation
  • Spray irrigation design for sewage disposal
  • NPDES permits
  • Well and water system design and operation
  • Social/economic justification
  • Percolation tests/hydraulic conductivity tests
  • Residential and commercial  septic system
  • Analysis of malfunctioning septic system
  • Construction observation/inspections
  • Well sitings
  • Water storage and treatment system